Flag Day is celebrated in the United States in honor of when the "Stars and Stripes" was adopted as the official United States flag. The United States Congress adopted the "Stars and Stripes" on June 14th during the year of 1777.

photograph of the United States flag
The United States flag represents a living country and is treated with dignity while artistically decorating a shop window in Pennsylvania.

Flag Day was first officially celebrated in 1877, on the 100th anniversary of the United States flag.

photograph of the original United States Congress in Philadelphia
This is a photograph of the original room of the United States Congress in Philadelphia. This is where the decision was made to adopt the official flag of the United States of America. There is an artistic sun carved into the back of the chair seen at the top of the photograph. When the United States achieved independence, Benjamin Franklin exclaimed, "It is a rising sun".
Getting ready to display your flag during a patriotic holiday? The rules on handling the flag are based on the concept that the flag represents a living country, people have died to defend its principles, and it should be handled appropriately.

The flag should be raised briskly, and lowered ceremoniously. It should never be allowed to touch the ground. It is never to be printed on clothing, costumes, or athletic uniforms (a patch may be placed on public service uniforms), or on disposable items such as boxes. When displayed against a wall, vertically or horizontally, the blue star field should be positioned on the top left corner (as in the picture above). When displayed at night, it is to be properly illuminated.

The flag can be any size, in a ratio of 4 feet by 6 feet. There is one star for every state, and each star represents justice, loyalty, and persistence. The stripes represent the original 13 colonies. White stripes represent liberty. Red stripes represent valor. The official colors of the United States flag are

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