Since the beginning of time, man has created paintings to express the beauty of real places and the triumph of real events. Oil painting, in talented hands, was a giant achievement in creating beautiful picture-like images. Paintings reveal what the artist feels about important holiday events.

An artist uses oil painting to uniquely create an image completely from imagination. The artist can see something from one perspective, then recreate that event on canvas from a completely different perspective. The artist can portray human emotion, nature, the pleasure of everyday objects, customs and events.

An artistic oil painting of a sailing ship threatened by a storm and a hostile shore
Oil paintings allow an artist to recreate events from many perspectives and imaginations. The artist may have been on this ship, but he shows us how the event looked as if we are watching it while floating in air!
Prehistoric cave paintings usually portrayed animals such as horses and dated to about 15,000 B.C.! Animals were critical as man's source of food, clothing and transportation.

Oil paintings became popular sometime around 1500 A.D. Oil paints were made by dispersing ground natural pigments into vegetable oil.

The oil painting, above, intrigues us. Too busy with a ship in trouble, the sailors ignore the torn and missing topsails. A storm moves in fast from the right hand side. The angle of the ship and its sails are set as 'close to the wind' as possible and are drawing good power. Maybe, with luck, it can pass by the rocks on the left side, if the water is deep enough, if time allows, and if no other sails give way. But the strong waves and severe angle of the wind may make the difference, pushing the ship hard toward the jagged rocks. Its impossible to decide if the ship will make a safe passage in this painting! The sailors have probably done everything that is possible. The artist has put everything into perfect balance -- you can almost hear the thunder of the approaching storm -- Its going to be very close.

You can see that this painting illustrates how brilliant works of art come from historical events that are worth remembering.

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