Since the beginning of time, man has wanted to accurately remember the beauty of real places and events. Drawing, painting, and statues were the most popular mediums until the invention of photography and the camera.

The first camera was invented in about A.D. 1500 in Italy. It was made from a huge black box that had a tiny opening (which served as a pinhole lens) in one side. Light passing from the outside, through the tiny opening, made an inverted image inside on the opposite wall of the box. A person entered the box and traced the image formed inside the box, then colored the picture.

An artistic photograph of SanFrancisco

This artistic photograph of SanFrancisco illustrates the elegant beauty of photographic art.
Photography became used for artistic purposes during the middle to late 1800's. But, photographers still tried to compare their photography to paintings. Photographers wanted photography to be a creative art and began by trying to color photographs in ways that attempted to match paintings.

It wasn't until the early 1900's that unretouched photographs were accepted to have an elegance unmatched by other works of art. By the middle of the 1900's photography had quickly grown into a popular artform. For example, Ansel Adams' priceless photographs of Yosemite National Park are treasured pieces of art, even today.

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