Arts and crafts are ways to celebrate the holidays and traditions.

"Necessity is the mother of all invention." This quote inspired generations of creativity. Its influence can be found in our shelter, our tools and all the basic necessities of daily survival.

But let us not forget man's inherent desire to live. This is never more prevalently evidenced than through the essence of his art. To leave a piece of immortality behind for otheris to admire, desire, and covet.

Portrayals in caves depict unique events shared over campfires to the pride of the leaders. Renderings on vases and pottery represent a commemorative reminder of special occasions.

white spring flower with green leaves
This picture of a delicate spring flower reminds us of the season, of a new romance, a new beginning.
Paintings, photographs, and artistic crafts, they all remind us of manis essential need to celebrate life. Weddings, birthdays, and holidays, then, as now, artwork is gifted upon one another ensuing the fundamentals of remembrance.

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