pink heart outline drawn in the style of chalk

About My Art

Welcome! My name is Robert Winton, and I show my paintings here on

A painting of a new spring morning that captures the mood of a new season
A New Season
In the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania


I love creating art inspired by holidays in the Pocono Mountains, sometimes during traditional holidays like Christmas and other times during nature's holidays, celebrating the renewal of a new season or the quiet beauty of a new morning.

A fawn appears in the mist between trees
Mystic Fawn at Sunrise
In the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania

Impressionistic Art

I'm drawn to the impressionistic style of painting. Impressionism captures the energy and emotion of a scene through shape, light, and color rather than focusing on realistic detailing.

For instance, in my holiday-inspired paintings of the Pocono Mountains, I use impressionistic techniques to capture their vibrant spirit and inherent beauty.

Original Paintings

Each of my original paintings features unique, vibrant brushstrokes that bring the canvas to life. Every piece is hand-painted, ensuring that you own something truly exclusive.

A minimalist bedroom setting with a painting of a holiday snowman displayed on a sleek bedroom dresser
Christmas Snowman
Displayed On Bedroom Furniture

Fine Art Prints

My fine art prints are meticulous reproductions of the original paintings, capturing vivid colors and intricate details. Whether displayed on canvas or featured on a coffee mug, these prints provide a versatile and delightful way to enjoy art.

Whether you're seeking a distinctive piece of holiday art for your home or a memorable gift from the Pocono Mountains, my goal is to create art that resonates with the art enthusiast in you.